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Incorporating the latest technology, the PUK U5 POWER offers an easy to use solution for precision mold and die repairs. Utilizing micro TIG technology, the welder produces small, consistent spot welds that penetrate the mold surface. The welded areas are strong and can withstand the pressures and working conditions during the molding process. All heat is concentrated at the spot of the weld thereby eliminating the possibility of distortion and metal stress caused by overheating. 25% Restocking Fee will apply.

?Repairing parting lines, mold seams, and three point corners and edges
?Filling in pores and deep scratches on the mold surface
?Weld into slots, corners and ribs
?Repair slides, ejectors, and core pins
?For use on all common tool steels, stainless steels, aluminum and copper

System comes complete with:
?LED light
?Electrode handpiece
?Set of 0.6mm electrodes
?Electrode sharpener
?Ground cables
?Argon gas regulator
?Tack resistance welder
?Foot pedal
?1 year manufacturer's warranty

The PUK U5 POWER Advantage
Save money: Keep mold repairs in house! Stop sending out for laser and precision welding. Affordable alternative to a laser welder at a fraction of the cost.
Save Time: Repair your molds the same day. No pre-welding heat treatment required. Welds quickly: 1 spot weld every 0.8 seconds! Small spot welds polish out quickly.
Easy to use: Ready to use with pre-programmed presets for most common applications. Takes the calculations and guess work out. Extremely accurate weld placement. Sharp electrode tip (0.6mm) touches the exact location of weld spot.
Mobility: Take the U5 welder to the press for repair! Magnetic microscope attaches directly to mold while still in the press!
Minimal heat: Prevents damage caused by overheating of mold, thus increasing life of the tool. All heat is concentrated only


  • Save time and money! Keep your mold repairs in house!
  • Easy to use! No special training required.
  • Mobility - Take the U5 Power directly to the press for repair!
  • Made in Germany
  • PUK U5 Instructional Video

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